Welcome to LAB! Theatre

LAB! is a student run company specializing in experimental theatre since 1982. We produce all genres of plays, from Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead to Neil Simon’s Rumors. We love new and creative projects, student written works, and performing in unusual places! Linda’s Down Bar, Room 103 in the CDA, and the Forest Theatre are just a few of our standard venues. We also come up with different events to host every year- Don’t miss the Live Readings of Erotic Fiction every Valentine’s day at Linda’s!

We welcome students of all majors and levels of experience to act, write, direct, and run shows. Rehearsal processes can be anywhere from six weeks to two days, so check our 2014- 2015 Season for audition information. Students interested in proposing a show or helping with tech should contact labproducers1415@gmail.com.

As always, all of the LAB! Theatre’s shows are FREE ADMISSION!

IMG_0515Photo by Melanie Rio.